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We have all your favorites bulk candies!

Some of our FAVORITES are shared below!! Be sure to check out our Gallery page for even more of our tasty selection we offer!!


English Toffee Caramels! Pumpkin Spice Caramels! Green Tea Caramels!


Mini Jawbreakers! 1/2" Jawbreakers! 1" Jawbreakers! 2 1/4" Jawbreakers

Rock Candy

Rock Candy!! Watermelon, Cotton Candy & Blue Raspberry just to name a few!!

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish! Mini Swedish Fish! Red Swedish Fish!

Cola bottles  Strawberry Bricks

Sour Strawberry Bricks! Sour Cherry Bottles! Sour Blue Raspberry Bottles!

Our bulk candy includes gummies, chocolates, sugar free options, Jelly Bellies, licorice and color coordinated selections!

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