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We carry many different varieties of gummies including Haribo, Sour Gummies, Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears, Fruit Slices, and more! Each store has over 200 selections of bulk candy!

And for you chocoholics out there, our stores carry Seattle Chocolates, Spokandy Chocolates, Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate candies, and many more! And for our diabetic friends, we even have Sugar-Free varieties.

We carry a “wall” of Jelly Bellies in all of our stores.

Come check out the individual flavors, make your own recipe,

or try out the amazing mixes they’ve come up with.

Check out the HUGE novelty section in all our stores!

Anything from Pop Rocks and PEZ, to Bottle Caps and Nerds, you’ll find the exact candy you’re looking for.

Visit our GALLERY for more photos of products we carry!

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