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Air HeadsBlow PopsCharleston ChewCow TalesGummy Pizza, Hot Dogs & BurgersHI ChewMega Jawbreakers & Jaw Breakers on a StickCandy Necklaces, KABOOM!, & Licorice RopesLightning Bugs, Cotton Candy, Chick-O-Sticks, & Candy CigarettesNintendo Mint TinsPac Man Candy TinsPop RocksRing Pops, Baby Bottle Dippers, Push Pops & Triple Push PopsRazzles, Razzles Sours & Razzles FizzlesGiant Smarties, Quick Blast Sour Spray, Nik-L-Nips, & Smarties SqueezeAssorted Flavors of ZotzMini Gummy PizzaGiant 9in Gummy PizzaMini Gummy Sushi KitGiant Gummy Sushi Kit3 MusketeersAltoidsBottle Caps Movie BoxJunior Mint Movie BoxGood & Plenty Movie BoxSugar Babies Movie BoxGiant Chewy SweetartsHershey's Cookies & CremeHershey's Chocolate Bar with AlmondsHershey's Milk Chocolate BarWhite Chocolate Kit KatMilk Chocolate Kit KatNecco WafersNecco Waffers TropicalWhite Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter CupsMilk Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter CupsSour SkittlesSweet and Sour SkittlesSnickersSugar DaddyTwixUnicorn PopsWhirley PopsClaeys Assorted Fruit DropsClaeys Cinnamon DropsClaeys Horehound DropsClaeys Lemon DropsClaeys Root Beer DropsClaeys Wild Cherry DropsEfruitti Gummy Lunch BagEfruitti Movie BagLarge Gummy Bears-Assorted FlavorsGourmet LollipopsGiant Gummy HamburgerMamba Sour ChewsMamba Tropic ChewsMonkey SwingsShark BitesButterfinger Movie BoxLemonhead Movie BoxGobstopper Movie BoxMike & Ike Grape Movie BoxMike & Ike Mega MIx Movie BoxMike & Ike Zours Movie BoxNerds Movie BoxWarheads Sour Twists Movie BoxWarhead Sour Worms Movie BoxAirheads Xtreme Bites Peg BagAirheads Xtreme Sourfuls  Peg BagAlbanese Sherbet Bears Peg BagSweetarts Chewy Sours Peg BagSweetarts Mini Gummy Bites Peg BagSweetarts Mini Chewy Peg BagSweetarts Ropes Peg BagWarheads Smashups Peg BagWarheads Sour Worms Peg BagWarheads Extreme Heat Peg BagSour FlushSour Hi-ChewSour Spitters

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Albanese Confectionery Group Inc., Haribo, Trolli, Pez, Pucker Powder, Jelly Belly, Hotlix, TY, Marich Chocolates, and Sconza Chocolates.